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confident business owner inside storeYou've worked hard to get your business where it is. Having reliable and experienced help for your accounting and finances is key to helping your business grow even further. At Pancerella & Associates, LLC, we provide tailored accounting, part-time CFO services, and more. You'll have the full benefit of a seasoned accountant while only paying for the services you need.

Our CPAs strive to deliver honesty, efficiency, and accuracy in everything we do. We believe everyone should have access to sound professional accounting and advice. You can count on us to communicate openly and help you build solid, personalized strategies.

Discover firsthand what an experienced CPA can bring to your business. Contact our Reading office to schedule your consultation today!

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Small Business Accounting Helps Your Business Thrive

Accounting is the cornerstone of your company's financial health. A strong accounting process ensures you have accurate records and the ability to learn from them. It also supports your efforts to grow your bottom line and reduce your tax obligation.

Our full-service accounting includes:

Monthly Bookkeeping & Recording - Your successful business must have a clear picture of its financial outlook. Bookkeeping captures all pertinent financial data from your transactions. You'll understand how revenue flows into your organization and where you use it. These records are produced according to professional standards to prepare you for anything, including an audit.

Updating & Cleaning Up Past Records - Many businesses start with improvised processes that don't capture everything. We will review, update, and correct your past financial records. We bring all you have done in the past up to the standards of the IRS, regulators, and investors.

Financial Statements - Quarterly financial statements are a clear indicator of your company's financial health. They not only indicate expenses and cash flow but also point the way to tax benefits. We generate complete, accurate financial statements worthy of the Fortune 500. You will see the financial direction of your company at a glance.

Handling Checks & Payments Out - Maintaining your reputation means paying bills on time. Just as in a household, there can be many demands on your finances at different times. We can organize your payments so you always fulfill your obligations. We'll also help you understand your current financial commitments so you can make informed decisions about future investments.

Analyzing Finances - How did you do last week, last month, last year? It's crucial to know where you stand and what trends you are facing. We perform financial analysis to give you the answers you need. Our analysis turns complex topics into actionable reports. Every detail is transparent.

Part-time CFO Services

business team working together at office desk with laptopIn a thriving enterprise, the CFO keeps a finger on the financial pulse of the business. A CFO recognizes opportunities for savings and investment, closes gaps in reporting, and eliminates waste. He or she works with the C-suite to support enterprise goals.

It takes decades to acquire the skills to be a CFO. Not surprisingly, they command a substantial salary. If you are just getting established or you're in a growth phase, an outsourced CFO is ideal. Pancerella & Associates, LLC equips you with an on-demand CFO who provides the exact services you need as you need them at an affordable rate.

Accounting Record Compliance Checking

It's wise to double-check the accuracy of your old records. You may find yourself at risk of an audit due to your industry. No matter the case, we will bring certainty to all your documents. We ensure they comply with GAAP and any other applicable rules.

Building and Maintaining a Budget

A budget ensures you can stay nimble and execute on your plans without over-extending yourself. However, the principles of developing a sound business budget can be complicated.

Pancerella & Associates, LLC can help you develop a functional budget by evaluating your past and current financial performance, market opportunities, and objectives. Having a budget equips you to meet obligations while moving toward your medium- and long-term goals.

Financial Statement Delivery and Analysis

Financial statements often hide lessons for your business. We discover them for you. Financial analysis can highlight opportunities to save money by adjusting your spending on services, vendors, or payroll. We also generate accurate and comprehensive financial statements suitable for use in investor presentations.

How a CFO Can Help Your Business Planning

There are many ways you can prepare your business to help achieve tomorrow's goals. Our business planning services help you see the link between finance and operations so you can plan accordingly. With our CPAs, your business will have experts to guide you every step of the way.

calculator on top of spendings reportTax Planning

Tax planning strategies help you legally and safely reduce your tax obligation. Saving money on taxes allows you to reinvest funds in the business and raise your profit.

We will work with you to evaluate your past and planned financial transactions. We then suggest ways for you to fully utilize their potential tax benefits.

Tax planning is an ongoing process. Advice varies based on industry, market, size, investments, and many other factors. Most clients can secure significant savings compared to their historic tax burden.

Entity Selection

Commercial entities come in many forms. The traditional C Corporation is no longer the most common, and often not the most desirable. S Corporations, LLCs, and many others exist. Your selection has profound effects on the future of your business, especially when it comes to tax filing and legal liability.

We help you select the right entity based on your needs, operations, and goals. Changing later is often time-consuming, so Pancerella & Associates, LLC supports you in making the ideal decision the first time.

Payroll Consulting in Reading

Payroll is often the top recurring expense in any business. Not only that, but payroll taxes are some of the heaviest. Many business owners are not aware of their options for optimizing payroll. With our help, you'll gain the expertise you need to make the most of your payroll.

Why Accurate Payroll Matters

binder titled payroll on top of time sheet and calculatorAccurate payroll goes beyond financial health. It's vital to human capital. When payroll is 100% correct and timely, it distinguishes you as an employer of choice. As your workforce changes, however, precise payroll can be challenging. Having a professional with experience on your side will help to ensure your payroll is correct and reported as such to employees, executives, investors, and regulators.

Helping You Find the Right Payroll Service

At Pancerella & Associates, LLC, we've built ties with the most reliable payroll firms in the business. We will direct you to a payroll provider who fully understands your industry and can always meet your needs.

Why Choose a CPA for Accounting?

A CPA - Certified Public Account - represents the highest standards of education and training in accountancy. CPAs uphold some of the most rigorous training requirements of any profession in the United States.

female accountant working with calculator in officeTo become a Certified Public Accountant, one must:

  • Earn a 4-year bachelor's degree including significant training in accounting and business
  • Pass an additional 30 college credits of accounting training (approximately eight classes)
  • Undergo a detailed application process including verification of education and character
  • Pass all four sections of the challenging Uniform CPA exam in an 18-month testing window
  • Pass the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Ethics Exam
  • Obtain around two years of supervised accounting experience depending on your state

CPAs in all states are required to show evidence of continuing education in the field. In short, a CPA is the best of the best. It takes many years of diligent training and hard work to obtain CPA credentials.

You may wonder if the intensity of CPA training will make any difference in the service you receive. Clients find the answer is yes. A CPA delivers benefits no other professional can match.

Some advantages of using a CPA include:

Improved Accuracy and Speed - Missing an accounting deadline can cost thousands - or even millions. The risk increases with growth. A CPA delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy, so you never fall behind. You can be confident your documents are correct and ready for use in strategic planning.

Strategic Decision Support - It is impossible to steer a business without accurate financial data. With our help, you will always be going in the right direction. Not only do we centralize your records and prepare your filings, but we also report extensively on your financial health. Your executive team will always be in the loop so you can seize emerging trends.

Greater Professionalism - If you strive for professionalism, you need a CPA. A good CPA supports you with insight into your finances and answers to your questions. At Pancerella & Associates, LLC, we are responsive. We embody our values in quality customer service and dedication to your success.

Savings in Time and Payroll - If there's one function you should outsource, it's accounting. You can save hundreds of hours yearly by leaving it to the professionals. Partnering with a CPA also means you don't have to hire accountants at premium rates.

True Peace of Mind - You never want your business financials to be a source of uncertainty. Your goals depend on an accurate financial outlook. Pancerella & Associates, LLC will deliver it every time, so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Industries We Serve

Our team has worked with a wide range of businesses. Our experience enables us to meet requirements and find tax advantages that apply to each industry. We work with small, mid-sized, and large brands in these industries:

  1. Construction - Construction firms often have complicated payroll due to a mixed workforce featuring contract and in-house employees. These firms also need to account for a variety of costs, like materials, not applicable to other industries. We simplify the process.
  2. Home Repairs - General contractors and home repair pros have many of the same challenges as the construction industry. Requirements can vary by entity type, workforce, and pricing structure. We optimize your accounting on all these levels and more.
  3. Real Estate Agencies - Real estate accounting varies based on whether you are an independent professional or work in a firm. Full-time status influences your reporting obligations as well as your tax opportunities. We have worked with both solo practitioners and large real estate brands.
  4. Title Companies - Title companies often handle transactions and protect large sums of money for clients. Accuracy and transparency are indispensable. We minimize your risk with our focus on proactive compliance.
  5. Food Service - Food service businesses incur equipment and training costs while contending with an ever-changing payroll. The contract basis of many food service engagements complicates things further. Our team cuts through the confusion to assure financial health.

Get Accounting You Trust in Reading

Running a business is rewarding, but hard. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and make accounting easy for you. Whether you need to optimize your financial records or want long-term strategies and advice, the team at Pancerella & Associates, LLC will be here for you. To find out more or get started, schedule your consultation today.

Call Us: (610) 796-1066 Get Your Consultation

Small Business Accounting
As a small business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.
Part-Time CFO Services
Our Part-Time CFO service gives you a professional financial manager who works with you to help guide your business to success.
Reviews - Compilations
Your stockholders, creditors, or private investors have different levels of risk tolerance, so we provide three levels of assurance to meet your needs.
Cash Flow Management
A cash crisis can be emotionally devastating. It can even kill your business. The starting point for avoiding a cash crisis is allowing us to develop a cash flow projection for you.
Bank Financing
Requesting a business loan without adequate preparation sends a clear message to the lender: High Risk! It pays to be prepared and organized in your approach for financing.
Strategic Business Planning
If you still have all your plans and ideas locked up inside your head, preparing a strategic plan can help you clarify your company's direction.
Succession Planning
Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is essential to the survival of a family business from one generation to the next.
New Business Formation
Opening your own business is exciting and thrilling. It's everything that comes after the excitement and thrill has worn off that dictates whether a small business will make it or not.
Internal Controls
We assess your internal control systems to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures, then we make recommendations that help your company become stronger.
Business Valuation
Objective valuation can make the difference between loss or gain, success or failure. You need professionals who are well qualified, with significant experience in evaluating all types of organizations.
We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.
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